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  • Baptism of FIre - Episode 1

    p=[no]{color:red}. Warning: Contains spoilers for *Baptism of Fire* It was a quiet lunchtime in the [[Eating Counter]] noodle house on Temple Street in Kowloon. The restaurant was fairly busy, and the food from [[:shen-kar-wai-2 | Shen Kar-Wai]] and …

  • Baptism of Fire - Episode 2

    p=[no]{color:red}. Warning: Contains spoilers for *Baptism of Fire* After dark, [[:lightningsu | Lightning Su]] is checking out a construction site on Canton Street in the Mongkok District. She's heard that a new skyscraper is being built there, and is …

  • Eating Counter

    h3. Description * Noodle house on Temple Street in the Yaumatei district of Kowloon. * Owned by [[:shen-kar-wai-2 | Shen Kar-Wai]] * Upstairs * Minor feng shui site

  • Poison Thorns

    * Small time criminal gang from the Chinese mainland. * Tried to muscle in on [[:fast-eddie-lo-2 | Fast Eddie Lo]]'s turf in Kowloon. * Were allied with [[:ta-yu-1 | Ta Yu]]. * Headed by [[:sneezy-teng | Sneezy Teng]] and [[:happy-cheung-1 | Happy …

  • Map Collection

    A collection of detailed maps of the Temple Street area in Kowloon. The larger map has a number of sites, including the [[Eating Counter]] circled in red, with faint pencil lines showing geometric calculations. A smaller one shows the layout of the …

  • Baptism of Fire

    h3. Episodes * [[Baptism of FIre - Episode 1 | Baptism of FIre - Episode 1]] * [[Baptism of Fire - Episode 2 | Baptism of Fire - Episode 2]]

  • Carina Shen

    * Niece of [[:shen-kar-wai-2 | Shen Kar-Wai]] * Rescued by the PCs after she was kidnapped by [[:sneezy-teng | Sneezy Teng]] * Extremely grateful to the PCs

  • Shen Kar-Wai

    * He owns and runs the [[Eating Counter]] noodle house. * Uncle of [[:carina-shen-2 | Carina Shen]] * Grateful to the PCs after they saved Carina from [[:sneezy-teng | Sneezy Teng]]

  • Happy Cheung

    * 2IC of the [[Poison Thorns]] * Other Thorns members are scared of him * Once killed a guy with his bare hands for bumping into Happy at a bar.

  • Ta Yu

    * Organised the capture of [[:carina-shen-2 | Carina Shen]], to force [[:shen-kar-wai-2 | Shen Kar-Wai]] to sign over the ownership of the [[Eating Counter]] * Killed by the PCs at the end of [[Baptism of Fire | Baptism of Fire]]

  • Paul Chang

    * Hired by [[:sneezy-teng | Sneezy Teng]] to draw up the contract to transfer title of the [[Eating Counter]] from [[:shen-kar-wai-2 | Shen Kar-Wai]] to [[:ta-yu-1 | Ta Yu]].

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