Mute Irish Big Bruiser

Player: Dru Type: Big Bruiser
Wealth: Poor Juncture: Contemporary
Fortune Dice: 1
Wound Points:
Unspent XP: 4
Body (Bod) =11 Mind (Mnd) 5
Move (Mov) 11 Charisma (Cha) 5
Strength (Str) 11 Intelligence (Int) 5
Constitution (Con) 11 Perception (Per) 5
Toughness (Tgh) =12 Wilpower (Wil) 5
Chi (Chi) 1 Reflexes (Ref) 7
Fortune (For) 1 Agility (Agl) 7
Kung Fu (Fu) 1 Dexterity (Dex) 7
Magic (Mag) 1 Speed (Spd) 7
Skill Base Bonus AV
Detective 5 +1 6
Driving 7 +2 9
Fix-It 5 +1 6
Guns 7 +3 10
Info/Smuggling Ops 5 +1 6
Info/Tattoos 5 +2 7
Intimidation 5 +5 10
Intrusion 7 +2 9
Martial Arts 7 +6 13
Weapons Stats
Cricket Bat 17 (Str + 6)
Colt King Cobra 11 / 3 / 6
Bernadelli Shotgun 13 / 5 / 10
Unique Schticks
1) You make Death Checks (see FS p135) only when you reach 50 Wound Points; -1 Impairment at 40 Wound Points and -2 Impairment at 45 wound Points.
Fu Powers
Signature Weapon (FS p. 81) Chi: 0 / Shots: 0
When you acquire this fu power, specify a single hand-to-hand weapon as your signature weapon – in this case a signed Ian Botham Cricket Bat (see FS p141 for general rules on signature weapons). This refers to a single, particular item, not all weapons of its type. When you use this weapon, your Damage increases by 3.



A Londonderry boy, he was always big for age. Nay. Massive for his age.

But what the Almighty gave him in stature he took away in Luck. On this 17th birthday he had his first tattoo – a giant 4 lead clover over his heart – time to change his luck! The next day he got in a brawl with some local lads (Shamus was always a target being so big) and glassed over the tattoo.

2 weeks later he joined the Navy. He won the Pacific Fleet heavyweight boxing title three times. On his 4th title fight he took a size able payout to throw it. His luck had turned, he was loaded!

Except a Commodore betting (illegally) on the fight suspected foul play, drummed up some charges and had Shamus dishonorably discharged. He never got to collect his payout.

Down and out he joined the merchant marines, his tattoo collection continuing to grow. Each tells a story of his life. Mostly bad luck and fights. He joined a low level smuggling ring on the ships, making some extra cash. Worked his way up the ranks until it was serious crimes – booze, cigarettes and occasionally weapons by the container load in and out of HK. (This is where he learnt his Detective skills – foiling cops).

Things were Finally going well. Until he heard the cries from a container. He found a hundred people crammed inside. He blew the lid on the people smuggling but before trial some corrupt cops gave him up.

Triad beat him and left him for dead after tearing out his tounge (a warning to other would be snitches). Monks however took him in. For 5 years he’s lived at the monastery. Slowly he’s been reintroducing himself to society, while practicing the martial arts and meditation of the monks. It took a young kid, a dancing Swede and a big bully to finally drag Shamus that last step back into the world. And he’s ready for some payback.


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