Olaf Mikkelson

Swedish Dancing Cop (Karate Cop)

Player: Mark Type: Karate Cop
Wealth: Working Stiff Juncture: Contemporary
Fortune Dice: 3
Wound Points:
Unspent XP: 1
Body (Bod) 7 Mind (Mnd) 5
Move (Mov) 7 Charisma (Cha) 5
Strength (Str) 7 Intelligence (Int) 5
Constitution (Con) 7 Perception (Per) 5
Toughness (Tgh) 7 Wilpower (Wil) 5
Chi (Chi) 3 Reflexes (Ref) 5
Fortune (For) 3 Agility (Agl) 5
Kung Fu (Fu) 4 Dexterity (Dex) 5
Magic (Mag) 3 Speed (Spd) 7
Skill Base Bonus AV
Deceit 5 +1 6
Driving 5 +6 =11
Fix-It 6 +1 7
Guns 5 +8 =13
Info/Arts 5 +1 6
Info/Computers 5 +2 7
Intrusion 5 +1 6
Leadership 5 +1 6
Martial Arts 5 +9 =14
Police 6 +4 10
Seduction 5 +1 6
Weapons Stats
Glock 17 10 / 1 / 17 + 1
Remington 870 13 / 5 / 7
Unique Schticks
1) You can deliver a stirring speech that will convince any basically righteous and law-abiding Game Master Characters (GMC) of your honesty and integrity. People you impress in this way will want to help you out, although they won’t wreck their own lives to do it. If you spend a Fortune die, you can likewise win over a shady or disreputable person. This ability doesn’t work on GMCs that the GM considers to be the main antagonists in the current storyline or who would otherwise derail the plot.
2) You can a +2 Action Value bonus when using your Martial Arts skill to execute acrobatic manoeuvres that aren’t direct attacks on opponents in combat.
Fu Powers
Eyes of the Snake (FS p. 80) Chi: 2 / Shots: 1
Execute a series of distracting dance moves; the shot costs of all attacks made against you are increased by one until the end of the sequence.
Slither of the Snake (FS p. 80) Chi: X / Shots: 1
X unnamed characters, if they have a choice of targets, can’t select you as their target until after the end of the sequence when all is normal again. If all characters on one side of a fight are using Slither of a Snake, the power is neutralised for all of them.

Olaf’s father is a personal defence trainer whose bad eyesight kept him out of the police, so he trained up his son to do it in his stead. His mother is a professional dancer who suffered a career ending injury fairly young, and so she trained her son up to be a keen dancer too.

Olaf eventually followed his dad’s desire and joined the police, becoming a diligent officer albeit with a sensitive and artistic streak. He uncovered a number of corrupt officers and saw that they were charged and arrested, but that didn’t win him any friends so he was ‘promoted’ to an assignment with Interpol and sent packing to Hong Kong.

Olaf is a good natured, well meaning and dedicated cop, but he has a maverick streak which can see him get into hot water on occasion. He is a sucker for the downtrodden, of course, and can’t resist an opportunity to DANCE!!!


Olaf Mikkelson

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