Dragon's Song

The Song Box - Episode 1

Glimpses of a bigger picture

After spending a couple of weeks helping the Shens repair the damage to the Eating Counter, Lightning Su, Olaf Mikkelson, and Shamus take a break to attend a festival at the Taoist monastery where Shamus had recovered from his ordeal with the people smugglers.

The monastery’s main courtyard was decked out in all manner of bright decorations, and there were tables laden with food and drink around the edges.

The head monk, Brother Tan Kiu-Wai was entertaining several distinguished guests, among them Chief Inspector Norman Lung of the Hong Kong Police Force and Colonel Huang Chi-Wai of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, who is in Hong Kong to oversee the handing over of the colony to Chinese rule the following year.

Because of the dignataries’ presence, a journalist – Raymond Johnson – is also there covering the story.

Everything is going along fine, with everyone having a good time, when suddenly, a large group of martial artists burst through the front door and disrupt the proceedings.

The heroes leap to the defence of the monastry, and a huge kung fu battle ensues.

Towards the end of the fight, Raymond notices a figure leaping across the rooftops of the monastry and then sneaking into the upper floor while everyone is distracted. Leaving the battle, he races inside and bounds up the stairs.

There, he finds a man in long white robes, his hair braided in long ponytail down his back and a sword strapped to his back. Initially, the man has his back to Raymond and appears to be examining the contents of a shrine set up to revere one of the monastery’s previous head monks.

Raymond shouts out to the others and, having taken care of the mooks downstairs (with many of the survivors having fled), they all race up to find out what’s going on.

In no time, combat has broken out upstairs, with the four heroes quickly overpowering the lone swordsman. Knowing when he is defeated, he runs back out onto the balcony and makes an incredible leap across the entire length of the courtyard, but not before Olaf Mikkelson can shoot him in the back.

Despite being badly wounded, the swordsman makes another leap across the street and vanishes from view.

Heading back downstairs, the heroes help the monks clean up the mess as the Hong Kong Police Force arrives to start arresting the unconscious combatants. As it turns out, the Chief Inspector and Colonel are both unhurt but are shaken by the ruckus. They both thank the heroes for their assistance.


Eynowd Eynowd

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