Dragon's Song

Baptism of Fire - Episode 2

The introductory adventure from the Feng Shui rulebook

Warning: Contains spoilers for Baptism of Fire

After dark, Lightning Su is checking out a construction site on Canton Street in the Mongkok District. She’s heard that a new skyscraper is being built there, and is looking to get ahead of the security and find both ways to circumvent the alarm system as it’s installed, as well as potential hiding places for stolen loot.

Coincidentally, this happens to be the same construction site where our other heroes are coming to look for the Poison Thorns, having been directed here by Fast Eddie Lo.

As Lightning Su looks on from the girders above, Shamus rips a whole panel out of the wooden fence surrounding the construction site, causing the Thorn thugs to come spilling out of the two shacks besides the construction zone.

At this point, everyone was kung fu fighting, as the song goes.

Before long, the heroes have subdued the thorns, but not before Dai Nanhai climbs up to the construction crane, and uses the hooks to smash mooks to and fro.

After the fight, the heroes start to question one of the incapacitated Thorns. He’s initially unwilling to talk, as he believes that he’s under some kind of spell that will kill him if he spills the beans.

The interrogation continues and the heroes trick the guy into talking, at which point, the mook’s literally explodes. Very messy.

Dai searches the huts at the site, and finds two things.

The first is a guy cowering in the corner. It’s turns out it’s a lawyer, Paul Chang (who’s a lot more dishevelled than his photo), who was here with some contract documentation, transferring ownership of the Eating Counter to one Ta Yu. Chang is not part of the Thorns gang, but was told to meet Sneezy Teng here tonight, but Teng had not yet shown up.

The other is a locked metal box, which is ably opened by Lightning Su, which contains a variety of maps of Temple Street, with several locations, including the Eating Counter, circled in red. Additionally, there’s a detail map of the Eating Counter, which is surrounded by strange mystical symbols and calculations.

Taking the contract and maps, the heroes – now including Lightning Su – head back to the Eating Counter, where they discover a distraught Shen Kar-Wai. After initially thinking it was the Thorns coming back and preparing to defend his restaurant, the heroes learn that Carina Shen has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom.

He shows the heroes a ransom note telling him to come to a tenement building in Kowloon, and not to bring the cops, Fast Eddie Lo‘s men or anyone else, or Carina will be killed. The note has a lock of (presumably) Carina’s hair taped to it as confirmation.

The heroes vow to rescue Carina and head over to the tenement. Spotting some of the Poison Thorn members lurking in the lobby, Lightning Su and Dai pose as a sister and brother pair looking to recover a lost kite. They talk their way past the thugs and head to the floor above where Carina is being held.

Carina knocks on the door of the apartment above, and is met by an elderly Chinese lady. They repeat their story about looking for a lost kite, and the grandmother is so enamored with them that she lets them do anything they want.

Su dangles Dai by the ankles from the apartment’s back window, and Dai can see Carina laying bound and gagged on a bed in the back room of the apartment below. He also spots Happy Cheung having a cigarette on a little balcony at the back.

Su and Dai meet up with the others and report their findings. The heroes decide that rather than a frontal assault on the apartment, they’ll try and sneak in from the apartment across the alleyway.

Using Olaf Mikkelson’s police badge as cover, they convince a family to give them access to their apartment so they can go out the back window and across the alley to the apartment where Carina is being held. They manage to string a line across between the two buildings, and move across the alley, with the family looking on with baited breath.

Olaf manages to get the window to Carina’s room open without making a noise, and sneaks inside to get Carina out. Just as he’s doing so, Shamus – who is outside on the balcony – hears a noise coming from the apartment’s other window and sneaks a look. He see’s a strangely dressed Ta Yu, who reacts to the intrusion by launching a fireball.

Shamus, taken aback, steps into the window and blasts the sorcerer several times with his shotgun, killing him.

Meanwhile, Olaf manages to get Carina out the window to safety with Su and Dai before Happy Cheung bursts into the room and starts a fight. By using some clever tactics involving the window’s blind and the occasional boot to the head, Olaf manages to stop Cheung and everyone makes their escape.

The heroes reunite the traumatised Carina with her Uncle, and the pair are eternally grateful. Kar-Wei, as a token of gratitude, allows the heroes to attune to the Eating Counter, which, as it turns out, is a Feng Shui site.


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