Dai Nanhai

Twelve year old orphan (Scrappy kid)

Player: Chris Type: Scrappy Kid
Wealth: Poor Juncture: Contemporary
Fortune Dice: 7
Wound Points:
Unspent XP: 18
Body (Bod) 4 Mind (Mnd) 8
Move (Mov) 4 Charisma (Cha) 8
Strength (Str) 4 Intelligence (Int) 8
Constitution (Con) 4 Perception (Per) 8
Toughness (Tgh) 4 Wilpower (Wil) 8
Chi (Chi) 7 Reflexes (Ref) 9
Fortune (For) 7 Agility (Agl) 9
Kung Fu (Fu) 7 Dexterity (Dex) 9
Magic (Mag) 7 Speed (Spd) 9
Skill Base Bonus AV
Deceit 8 +2 10
Info/Comic Books 8 +5 13
Info/Computers 8 +4 12
Info/Gangland 8 +2 10
Info/Pop Music 8 +3 11
Info/Skateboards 8 +4 12
Intrusion 9 +2 =10
Martial Arts 9 +5 =13
Weapons Stats
Unique Schticks
1) You can decide to distract an opponent – rather than injure him – by throwing things at him, pulling his shirt over his head, squirting him with whipped cream, and so on. Your opponent suffers three points of impairment (see p135) for a number of shots equal to your Outcome. This impairment can’t be increased by further distractions.
2) You may not do much damage, but you’re hard to hit. Your Dodge Action Value is always 2 more than your Martial Arts Action Value.
Fu Powers
The Fox’s Retreat (FS p. 79) Chi: 1 / Shots: 1
Add +5 to your Dodge value. Counts as a defensive action.
Eyes of the Fox (FS p. 79) Chi: 1 / Shots: 1
Study an opponent in combat; the GM must tell you the numerical value of one of the opponent’s attributes, skills or current point totals. You choose which one.


Dai is a highly self-confident though, necessarily, cautious boy. He loves to explore and meet people (who knows what new opportunities and friendships may arise?). For Dai, petty theft and minor cons are a way of life. Dai has a good heart, but life on the streets of Hong Kong has taught him that hard decisions must sometimes be made. One thing that Dai hates above all else is bullying: physical, emotional or mental. He will always go out of his way to grieve and commit mischief on bullies.


When people look at Dai, they see a scruffy, dirty street urchin with sparkling eyes and an big smile; his face shows signs of growing into a handsome man (if he survives). However, life has not been easy for Dai. He is usually sporting a few visible bruises, and his back and left leg are lightly scarred from accidents and beatings. Also, the small finger on his left hand is, though fully functional, crooked from the time it was improperly set after it was badly broken. Lastly, due to the malnutrition of his street diet, Dai is a little short for his age.


Melodramatic Hook

Find his parents, punish bullies and “What’s in the box?”


Dai Nanhai

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